10 Ethical Woven Bags for Summer

We love the woven straw purses that are so popular right now, and the good news is that so many are made ethically. This means that the artisans who design and make the purses are paid fair wages and can make their products in a positive work environment.

The following are some of our favorites for Summer 2019, our top picks to take to the beach, resort, or even to a Sunday brunch!


1. Natural Wood Bead Bucket Bag

31 Bits

Price: $84

Handcrafted by artisans in Bali.

31 Bits woven purse


2. Beach Bag - Natural

The Little Market

Price: $88

Made in Madagascar using local grasses.

Beach Bag by The Little Market


3. Balinese Atta Rattan Bag

Redemption Market

Price: $145

Made in Bali by local women artisans.

woven purse from Redemption Market


4. Desa Wicker Purse


Price: $85

A portion is donated to International Justice Mission,a human rights organization working to eradicate human trafficking.

Yireh Woven Purse


5. Half Shell Tote

Indego Africa

Price: $175

Made from raffia straw by artisans in Rwanda.

Half Shell Tote by Indego Africa


6. Cleo Egg Cane Bag

Ellen & James

Price: $69

Made of woven cane with a unique batik lining.

Cleo Egg Cane Bag


7. Putu Bamboo Beads Tote Bag

Brunna Co

Price: $112

Handmade by female artisans from their own homes in Bali, Java, and Borneo.

Bamboo Beads Tote


8. Thai River Bag

Trades of Hope

Price: $54

Made from woven water hyacinth in Thailand.

Trades of Hope Thai River Bag


9. Mini Raffia Bucket Bag

Global Goods Partners

Price: $68

Handwoven by women artisans in Madagascar.

Mini woven raffia bag


10. Pompei Beach Bag

Mar Y Sol

Price: $139

Handwoven sisal and seagrass with raffia pom poms.

Pompei Beach Bag by Mar Y Sol

If you have a fun summer favorite you don't see listed, add it to the comments below!

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