2019 Impact at Redemption Market- Wow!


This year when I summed up our impact, I broke down and cried. Because of you, so many lives have been impacted in 2019. Together we have fought against trafficking, we have supported refugees, we have helped build schools, we have provided eye care for children in developing countries, we have made homes for bees, we have supported art in schools, we have said yes to sustainability and fair trade, we have stood alongside women-owned businesses, we have said yes to independent artists, we have fed meals to the hungry, we have supported the small farm movement, and we have made a difference.

Artisans- women and men, have had dignified employment in Guatemala, Peru, India, the United States, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Vietnam, the Philippines, Bali, Ghana, Haiti, China, and Cambodia because of you. Things in the world can appear mighty bleak right now, but we are feeling so blessed to be part of a movement pushing back the darkness at least a little bit. THANK YOU.

A special thank you to those who have partnered with us and have believed in this vision- The Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market, The Merchantile of Scottsdale, and The Mojave Flea

We are looking forward to even more impact in 2020!

artisans at Pebble in Bangladesh

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