It was probably only about a year ago when I first heard the term "social business." The ironic part is that I was already about a year into owning my own social enterprise, and didn't even know that what I was doing had a name! I was driving along, listening to a podcast that highlighted FashionABLE, and I thought, "hey, that's what I'm doing!" My natural business instinct to help unfortunate people the best way I could, naturally led me to create something half-way between a non-profit and a regular retail business.

The Good Trade website offers a concise definition:

"A social enterprise is a cause-driven business, whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good."
Basically, that is what Redemption Market is all about... creating business where there was none before with the primary purpose of making the lives better of people around the world.
Redemption... redeeming what was lost, dark, and broken; and replacing it with wholeness, light, and hope.
fair trade fashion from India

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