5 Reasons to Visit the Farmer's Market

The farmer's market is one of our favorite local spots not only to pick up fresh veggies, but also to enjoy sweet community with friends. Here are a few other reasons to check out your local markets:

1. When you shop at your local farmer's market, you show your commitment to strengthen local food systems.

2. By shopping at farmer's markets you encourage the creation of jobs and opportunity throughout America.

3. Farmer's markets give new farmers and food producers a platform to sell their goods. Small businesses are developing new retail opportunities and consumers are learning more about where their food comes from and gaining access to fresh, local foods.

4. By shopping at a local market you provide your local farmers with a higher share of the food dollar.

5. Money spent at a local business often continues to circulate within its community, creating a multiplier effect and providing greater economic benefits to the area.

Also, you might have the opportunity to shop the booths of local artisans and fair trade boutiques like our very own Redemption Market!

Together we can stimulate food and agriculture development within our community and cultivate healthy eating habits and environmental education to empower consumers. Yes!
Thank you to the Phoenix Public Market for sharing this with us. 


  • Posted by Bryanna Skye on

    I’ve finally convinced my mum to start shopping at the farmers market :) it’s such a good way to support the community and you always find lovely organic options!

    The ecoLogical

  • Posted by Cristina Alciati on

    Farmer’s markets are a great way to discover local delicacies which aren’t usually available in the standardised selection of food at the supermarket. And you also get to discover the work of local artisans.

  • Posted by Heather LeGuilloux on

    I love all of the fresh goodies you can find at the farmers market!

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