Be a part of the Fashion Revolution! Free Booklet and Poster Download

Fast fashion is a growing problem in today's global marketplace. If you didn't catch our last blog post about it, click here.

I don't know about you, but for me, there's nothing more discouraging than to hear about a problem and to have the feeling that it's just a hopeless situation, that there's nothing anyone can do to make it better. So fast fashion is bad, but how can just one person make a difference? 

The good news is that little changes by many people account for much. The rain that waters the harvest is made up of many little drops. 

Fashion Revolution is an organization that has put together many amazing resources that give simple and clear ideas for fixing the problem of fast fashion. Their website is filled with educational articles, events to attend, and freebies. One of these completely free resources is a pdf booklet packed with ideas that you can actually do! Yes! 

Here is the link for the free booklet. It even has a mini poster you can print out. Scroll down on that page to see some other free booklets, too. Let's do this!


  • Posted by Meg on

    Good info to have, thanks for sharing!

  • Posted by She's Cataleya's Mommy on

    This is great crating awareness, I just recently learned about it and looked into it.

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  • Posted by Mary Alvarez on

    Learned a lot and thanks for the down load!

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