Best Ethical + Sustainable Blogs 2019

These are a few of our favorite blogs focused on sustainable fashion and fair trade shopping for 2019. Do you have a site that inspires you to live a more ethical life? Share in the comments below!


All There August


Eco Warrior Princess

Ethical Hour

Ethical Unicorn

Fairly Southern

Fashion Revolution

Green Girl Leah

Green With Style

Hippie + Heart


Seasons + Salt

Still Being Molly

Style Me Fair

Style Wise

Sustainably Chic

The Curious Button

The Good Trade

The Good Wear

World Threads Traveler


  • Posted by Carmen on

    I have a tiny ethical blog called Dreams of Linen! Be sure to check it out at

  • Posted by silvia on

    This is so awesome! Thanks for the list, I’m always looking for blogs that embrace sustainable fashion. It’s my goal for the year to embrace more and more ways of consuming fashion (and beauty) sustainably.

  • Posted by Rania Jeoual on

    eco- is a marketplace (currently focused on the UK market) and a media platform showing there is a sustainable alternative for most everyday products and services.

    The media platform helps people to move towards a more sustainable way of life through tips, simple guides and interviews of inspiring people.

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