Are you anti-new-years-resolutions?

Are you anti-new-years-resolutions?

Yeah, me too.

It seems like there are as many articles about how we are doomed to fail as there are about creating the resolutions. And SMART goals? Really? We know already, even if we can never remember what the A stands for.

Last year I decided to just live a life of continual small achievable daily goals. I would like to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. I would love for every product in my home to be ethical and non-toxic. It would be a dream if my closets were organized and I enjoyed the freedom of being a minimalist. It's just too overwhelming to think about all the changes necessary to get there.

So my plan? Get some sunshine.

Today I'm going to go outside and get some sun. And once I've done it, I'm going to put a big fat checkmark next to  SUN  in my planner. I will feel amazing and accomplished!

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will drink more water. The sky's the limit!


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