The 2020 Guide to Ethical + Sustainable Swimwear

Are you ready to hit the beach in an ethical suit? We've gathered together some of our favorite sustainable choices for swim season 2019. Our list includes a variety of price points, styles, and selections for men, women, and children. Each one was chosen for that company's emphasis on sustainable materials and fair production practices.

We are impressed by the number of companies who are choosing to use "real" women in their marketing, and portraying them in their natural beauty rather than retouching and filtering the photos. This is a great advance from having to treat women as sexual objects to sell products. We vote yes for female dignity!

Do you have an eco-swim brand suggestion? Add it to the comments below!


Alyned  |  inclusive suits for all body types

Aquadiva Swimwear | Australia

Bombshell Bay | Sustainable Swimwear

Cecile Swim | Conscious Swimwear + Gives Back

Deakin and Blue | Transformational Swimwear

Elle Evans | Sustainable Swimwear

Fair Harbor  |  Swimwear made from Recycled Plastic

Faherty | Premium Swimwear

Finch Designs | Luxury Swimwear

FinisterreRecycled Wetsuits and Swimwear

Galamaar | Swimwear made in the USA

Good Studios | Australian Ethical Swimwear

Hackwith Design House  |  Sustainable Swimwear made in the USA

Jessica Rey Swimwear | Modest Swimwear made in the USA

JETS Swimwear | Ethical Australian Swimwear

Koru Swimwear | Eco-friendly Luxury Swimwear

Mara Hoffman | Designer Ethical Swimwear

MYMARINI | Ethical Swimwear from Hamburg

Nettle's Tale | Swimwear from Vancouver

Outerknown | Men's Swim Trunks

Patagonia | Fair Trade Certified Swimwear

Riz Board Shorts | Tailors of Sunshine

Summersalt | Affordable Ethical Swimwear

Swoon Swimwear | Ethically Made in the USA


  • Posted by Christina on

    Love this list! I am so over fast fashion, and this is a great addition to my list of ethical companies.

  • Posted by Zak Spencer on

    Thank you for sharing the guide for 2018 for sustainable swimwear.

  • Posted by Mel Wells on

    Love this post! We at Beefcake Swimwear use recycled fabrics from Carvico in Italy, print in small batches (lowering waste and avoiding harmful dye processes) and sew our suits in Portland, Oregon, where folks are paid fair wages. None of our photography is re-touched and we try to show a diverse range of people in our unisex suits. Thanks!

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