The Complete Guide to Ethical Sunglasses 2022

2022, we're ready for you! Make a difference this year by choosing ethical sunglasses made with recycled or sustainable materials. We've compiled a list of some of our top picks, and the best part is that so many of these companies also have a meaningful give back program. Win win!

Check out the links below to find some great choices for your sunny days.


Blue Planet Eyewear | affordable eyewear that gives back | start at $45


DIFF Eyewear | charitable designer glasses that give back | start at $85


Grown | sustainable wooden eyewear that gives the gift of sight | start at $169


Johnny Fly Co | acetate frames available for prescription | start at $120


Kuma | sunglasses + bamboo + cork accessories | start at $35


MITA Eyewear | sustainable high fashion sunglasses | from $105


Pala | ethical eyewear that gives back | start at $82


Proof | made with recycled skateboards and also give back | start at $68


Sea2See | eco-friendly made with recycled sea plastic | start at $95


Shwood Eyewear | original wood sunglasses | start at $79


Solo | repurposed wood and bamboo sunglasses that give back | start at $89


Sunski | polarized sunglasses using recycled plastic | start at $48


Tens | biodegradable frames available for prescription | start at $79


TOMS | B Corp that supports a variety of causes | start at $68


Warby Parker | prescription sunglasses with home try-on | start at $95


WearPanda | bamboo sunglasses and gives back | start at $120


Woodzee | wood + recycled sunglasses made in the US | start at $45


Do you have a favorite ethical eyewear brand? Please share in the comments below.


  • Posted by Carole Penner on

    I recommend Shwood eyewear.

  • Posted by Andrew on

    My Favorite eco friendly sunglass is Kuma Sunglasses. All Kuma Sunglasses are made using components of natural materials like bamboo or wood and Kuma plants a tree for every pair sold for only $35.
    They are based in Vancouver Canada too!
    The website is

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