We just can't take our eyes off of you

1. Our logo in gold. Anything in gold really. We have an exciting surprise coming soon, and a whole new look!

2. JOYN handbags. Tears in our eyes when we read the tag and see the name of the actual artisans who made it. Trying hard to sell these and not keep them all for ourselves!

3. More gold! The gold leaf key chain from India so everyone can see just how fancy you are. #blessed

4. The so soft blankets from Mexico. Ethically made. Sweet colors. Happy fall!

5. The Morning Culture Co brunch throw. Because obviously more breakfasts in bed will be coming our way if we have that blanket!

6. Desert hiking! Here in Arizona, it's just over the horizon, literally. Soon it will be cool enough for us to leave our dens and explore.

All of these goodies and more can be found at redemptionmarket.com (except for the hiking). Remember that every purchase is making someone else's life better, too!


  • Posted by Danielle on

    love the pictures on here

  • Posted by Lola on

    Love this!! I have a huge obsession with mexican blankets <3<3

  • Posted by Flordeliz Fullo on

    So elegant and classy ?

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