What is your purpose?

We all have a purpose, an identity, a reservoir of gold deep within us.

Sometimes it feels so obvious what we are here to do. Sometimes the reason behind life seems elusive.

If we listen, we will hear dreams and ideas whispering to us. Something new, something beautiful that only we can accomplish. We need to close our eyes and shut down the noise sometimes to let that whisper come in. Surround ourselves with other dreamers.

Who are my dreamers? They are the ones inspiring me to do this impossible task of building a store where customers can shop for freedom. They are the ones starting businesses that everyone said would fail. Do you want to know the odds that Redemption Market is up against? Statistics say there is a 95% failure rate for women owned start-ups within the first five years. My response? I can do all things.

Jeremy is one of the dreamers running my same race. He is determined to do as much good as he can for as many days as he calls earth his home. Legacy. Determination. Tenacity. He is not willing to go quietly.

He sees a problem and does something about it- each time in a new and creative way.

He has already had major successes with projects that he has started in the past. You can watch about them in this 20 minute video.

But now he's got another idea. He stopped, listened, and caught that whisper.

Start a hotel. Not just any hotel, a chain of hotels around the world. A hotel where people can change the world as they sleep. How does that even work?

The Purpose Hotel is an innovative concept where every aspect of the hotel benefits amazing humanitarian causes around the world. Every room will sponsor the education of a child. Every comforter will be hand-sewn and support work projects. The soap will provide for clean water projects. The profit from the room service fee doesn't line the hotel owner's pocket, but instead provides a meal for someone in need. The store in the lobby will fight against human trafficking. There will be iconic photography and art lining the halls. Are you starting to get the idea?

Learn more here. Be inspired by his new idea. Then, listen and dream up something amazing, too.

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  • Posted by Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee on

    This is a great post – it is hard sometimes to clearly understand what your purpose is or when you think you know and something or someone throws you off and makes you question yourself. Starting this blog, it’s been important for me to surround myself with other like-minded individuals to keep me going! :)

  • Posted by safira on

    Love this post! Great idea. It is so easy to forget our purpose in this life sometimes :/

  • Posted by Brooke on

    As a college student it is so helpful to read these words of encouragement! Especially when so many tell me I need to have a plan b for when my dream falls through. Thank you for this.

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