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Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear

Acacia Soft Beige Polarized Sunglasses


Wondering what sunglasses are in style for summer 2024? Here you have the answer! Elevate your style, protect your eyes, and make a statement with the Acacia Polarized Sunglasses, where fashion meets function in perfect harmony.The ultimate blend of style, sustainability, and adventure in an oversized frame. Inspired by Acacia National Park, these eco-friendly sunglasses are crafted for the active lifestyle.

Key Features: Eco-Friendly

Design: Fashioned with the environment in mind, Acacia embraces sustainability without compromising style.

Oversized Frame: Make a bold statement while enjoying maximum coverage for all your outdoor escapades.

Anti-Slip Comfort: Designed for the active lifestyle, Acacia features anti-slip materials for a secure fit during any adventure.

Polarized Clarity: Enhance your vision with polarized lenses, reducing glare and offering 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Since 2009, Blue Planet's progressive business model has helped not only individuals worldwide, but also the environment. In short, they combine eco-friendly products with social responsibility.

  • Each pair of Blue Planet Eyewear is made with recycled and/or natural materials to help eliminate waste and draw from more sustainable sources.
  • For every pair sold, they donate a pair of corrective glasses to a person in need via their Visualize Change Program.
  • Each month, the Blue Planet team volunteers in the local community as a part of a Random Acts of Kindness program