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  • Agaja Tote- Floral Print
  • Agaja Tote- Floral Print
  • Agaja Tote- Floral Print
  • Agaja Tote- Floral Print

Agaja Tote- Floral Print


 The Agaja Tote is the go-to tote for any location and any time, from running errands at the farmer’s market to a night out! This tote will become your favorite with such easy versatility and sophisticated look.

Hand spun, hand woven and hand block-printed exterior cotton fabric with leather straps and details. Fully-lined interior. 3 interior pockets. 1 interior zip pocket.

Dimensions:  17.5" x 12" x 5.5"; 26" non-adjustable strap


JOYN is a socially-conscious fashion brand producing women’s handbags that are 100-percent handmade. Each bag is unique.  No factories, no automation, because the more hands that it takes to make the products, the more jobs that are created. They have invented a system of “purposeful inefficiency” that drives every decision of the company.

Raw cotton is processed by hand, spun by hand, then woven by hand.  Wooden blocks are carved by hand and then the design is pressed on to the fabric.  This is all done by hand, reviving an ancient traditional art form that is native to India.

Let us take you through our JOYN gardens. The scent of the Champa flower just bloomed while  freshly printed canvas dries on the line. Nature’s color palette is at its best, painting blue skies and bright petals against lush greenery. The rhythmic sound of block printing punctuates the faint hum of sewing machines. This hidden oasis is where we find our inspiration and where we get to work together each day, knowing we are creating something magical.
This season we’ve drawn inspiration from the summer garden, from blue skies, bright blooms and sunshine yellow. From the beauty of nature that compels you to pause for a moment and  breathe in the gentle reminder that everything blooms in its own time. 

It is from our small studio nestled in these gardens that each JOYN bag is made. We believe that each piece tells a story, from design to manufacture, all the way to the final product that lands from our hands to yours. This summer we celebrate the beautiful place this story begins.