• Asymmetrical Leather Mini Pouch
  • Asymmetrical Leather Mini Pouch

Asymmetrical Leather Mini Pouch


This mini wallet is great for every-day use. A grab-and-go for essentials, or useful to separate cards and cash within a larger bag. Snap closure. Makes a great gift! 2.75"  x 3.75"

Sutisana was founded by Word Made Flesh in 2010 to provide dignified employment and a new life for women attempting to leave prostitution in El Alto, Bolivia.  They began working among vulnerable women in El Alto in 2000. Many of these women had little education, were the only provider in their home, and had no viable alternative to prostitution. The name Sutisana has roots in the two languages spoken by the women – Aymara and Spanish. In Aymara, Suti means name. In Spanish, Sana means healthy or healed. As women leave prostitution, they often leave behind a name they used there and find a new identity – a Healed Name.