• Bali rattan straw bag
  • fair trade straw bag from Bali
  • straw purse from Bali
  • Brunna Co works with artisans in Bali to make straw bags
Brunna Co

Handwoven Atta Rattan Bag



Summer spent with the Balinese Atta Bag is the unforgettable one. Its sleek and minimalist shape express the timeless beauty from one of your favorite classic Summer movies. Just the perfect companion for sweet Summer cocktail parties or even quiet Summer days with your favorite books.

Bag Details : • Dimension : around 12 L x 10 H x 3.75 W inches • Material : Atta straw/ Balinese very own unique Rattan Straw from East Bali and Lombok Island


Each of our collections are made meticulously by artisans
who are mostly women from the comfort of their home.
We are proud to be able to work directly with them to support them to work
with the system that they love so they can support their
family’s economy.
Our commitment to only use our local resources from Indonesia
is our way to help preserve our culture and protect our artisans in
Indonesia so that they can keep making authentic traditional crafts
 and pass it on to our next generation to come.
Through our work, we wish to share the beauty of our land,
culture and tell amazing stories of Indonesia to the whole world.
We hope you can feel all the warmth of Bali, the exotic vibes or Borneo,
and the happiness spirit of Java through our collections.