• Mojave bracelet by Purpose Jewelry
  • Purpose Jewelry is a social enterprise helping women
  • Purpose Jewelry is available at Redemption Market in Phoenix
  • Purpose Jewelry made by survivors of trafficking
Purpose Jewelry

Mojave Bracelet



A simple statement piece, the Mojave bracelet is the ideal accessory for a wide range of styles, and is perfect for everyday wear.

2.5” diameter, 1” width

PURPOSE Jewelry is a social enterprise that provides professional opportunities to young women rescued from sex trafficking. This item is part of the “Hope Line” which consists of introductory pieces made by our new artisans, and it tells a powerful story of fresh beginnings.

There are over 20 million people living in slavery in the world today. We believe every person deserves to live free. Through PURPOSE Jewelry, YOU are able to give freedom to rescued young women around the world. 

The art of jewelry making paired with holistic care ensures every artisan receives freedom and hope for the future. Holistic care is provided through our non-profit, International Sanctuary, and includes education, health care, and counseling. Our program provides every artisan with the life skills and opportunities to succeed.

Photo credit: Purpose Jewelry