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Baba Souk

Cactus Silk Moroccan Pillow- Off White


These wonderful Off White Moroccan Pillows are hand-woven in Morocco and are simply beautiful. They are made of agave silk and have wonderful colors and textures. Agave plants are especially huge in Morocco. They are succulent plants that you can peel, and the process then produces threads. These threads are colored with gorgeous vegetal dyes. These Moroccan Kilim Pillows are then handwoven on traditional weaving looms making each pillow a little different. (This makes each and every one extra special!)

• Made in Morocco • Dimensions: 20" w x 20" h

Here at Baba Souk, we love pink, we love rugs and we love textile. We live to be inspired and to inspire. We hand-pick the most wonderful handmade Moroccan home decor treasures with the goal to make your home a happy and wonderful place to live your life. Colors make us smile and if your home could speak, we hope it would say I LOVE YOU. Our collection of Moroccan poufs, colourful baskets and other delightful treasures are handmade objects you'll cherish for a lifetime. Baba Souk, an online boutique, was established in 2012 in Montreal, Canada, after our founder's epic first trip to Morocco.