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  • Chaaya Tote- Rajpur Ruins Print

Chaaya Tote- Rajpur Ruins Print



Our much loved Chaaya Tote is handcrafted from beautiful block printed canvas with genuine leather straps. The perfect home for school essentials, books and more.

Perfectly practical with two interior pockets, one with a zipper and one without. Secures with a brass snap closure

Dimensions: 13.5" x 17", 8.5" non-adjustable straps


JOYN is a socially-conscious fashion brand producing women’s handbags that are 100-percent handmade. Each bag is unique.  No factories, no automation, because the more hands that it takes to make the products, the more jobs that are created. They have invented a system of “purposeful inefficiency” that drives every decision of the company.

Raw cotton is processed by hand, spun by hand, then woven by hand.  Wooden blocks are carved by hand and then the design is pressed on to the fabric.  This is all done by hand, reviving an ancient traditional art form that is native to India.

This season we took inspiration from the unchanging beauty of the Ginkgo tree. Symbolizing longevity, resilience and hope, this ancient tree has stood the test of time, surviving against all odds, remaining remarkably unchanged. In fact, fossils of the fan shaped leaves dating back to long ago, are almost identical to the leaves of the trees around us today. Change is all around us, but this ancient tree tells a story of longevity and hope.

As we begin 2023, let’s continue to go back to ancient ways of making; fabric woven by hand from the click clacking of looms. Pattern printed using old wooden blocks, each one carved by hand, then stored and saved ready to be used and reused again in new seasons. Join us this year as we continue to strive to create more jobs in our community by choosing people over machinery to breathe life into each piece.

This Spring we bring you a collection designed with forever in mind. We’ve gone back to three wooden blocks you’ve loved before and reimagined them in new colors for your thoughtful wardrobe, each piece weaving a story of longevity and hope to be treasured for years to come.