• Christmas Tree Blockprint Tea Towel
  • Christmas Tree Blockprint Tea Towel

Christmas Tree Blockprint Tea Towel


Just imagine how lovely your holiday table will look with this handmade blockprinted Christmas Tree Tea Towel! 

18” x 18”

100% Cotton

Hand block printed by survivors of modern day slavery 

Handmade in India

Mended works with survivors of modern-day slavery to hand block print home goods products and textiles. Each piece tells a beautiful story of restoration. Our BELIEF is that restoration begins at YOUR table. This restoration comes to life when you purchase a product made by survivors of modern-day slavery and their restoration sustains.

Additionally, we believe that restoration happens for the consumer who works to set a beautiful table, invite their people, pour the good wine and ask real questions. Restoration is a journey and we believe it begins at your table. Currently, Mended works with 23 survivors of modern day slavery in South Asia producing stunning block-printed table runners, dinner napkins, tea towels and more.