• Churro Organic Lip Scrub- Last Chance!
  • Churro Organic Lip Scrub- Last Chance!
  • Churro Organic Lip Scrub- Last Chance!
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Churro Organic Lip Scrub- Last Chance!



Our vegan plumping lip scrub is based on our favorite sweet treat, using sugar to exfoliate and cinnamon, which promotes blood flow to the lips, to plump – naturally. With a sweet, easily spreadable base of agave, Churro Lip Scrub exfoliates and plumps while nourishing lips with olive-derived Squalane and Vitamin E Oil. Packaged in a 0.45 oz squeeze tube makes it easy to dispense and spread without making a mess. Once your lips are exfoliated and you begin to feel a little tingle, lick or wash away and apply your favorite lip balm. 

  • Agave*
  • Castor Sugar
  • Ground Cinnamon*
  • Squalane*
  • Horchata Flavor (Fractionated Coconut Oil Base)
  • Vitamin E
  • Cinnamon Oil*

*Certified Organic

It all starts with cinnamon... the sweeter side, that is. It's an obsession that drove us past the point of consumption, and right to crafting products that accentuate its scent and flavor, along with its skin and health benefits.

Boasting 100% cruelty-free, small-batch high-quality products, featuring a vegan selection as well, all SIN-MIN products are crafted in California with US-made packaging and recycled labels. It's an all-new way to taste the flavor and feel the tingle of SIN-MIN.