• Cloth Face Mask- Coral Geometric - Redemption Market
  • Cloth Face Mask- Coral Geometric - Redemption Market
Poppy + Sage

Cloth Face Mask- Coral Geometric


Protect the ones you love with this 100% Cotton Face Mask / Face Cover (Non-Medical Grade) Printed cotton fabric, with white elastic straps to strap behind ears


Handmade in Bali

Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle, low heat dry.

Sizing: One size fits most

POPPY + SAGE is a sustainable fashion brand with a focus on delivering beautiful products from real communities. They are proud to be part of the sustainable fashion world - where the utmost importance is the disruption of an industry that often times has exploited either the environment or the artisans that create the products. 

Their focus is on bringing to market rattan, straw, and woven handbags, each of which are handmade on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The women artisans who create the bags are both friends and partners in their endeavor. POPPY + SAGE bags are truly a work of art - to see the creation process, the level of skill and love that goes into each individual bag is remarkable.