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Cedar and Cypress Designs

Cove Bracelet


Our Cove Bracelet is the perfect bracelet to wear all year long. 18K gold plated, this stretch bracelet has a Mother of Pearl pendant is one of our favorite items in our whole line.

From Cedar and Cypress: 

After living in Haiti for five years, I moved back to America and away from the country I had called home. I knew I wouldn't be able to let go of the beauty Haiti showed me. It is a part of my heart, a part of who I have become. I decided instead of leaving it behind, I would bring it with me-into my home and yours. Out of a reluctance to leave Haiti, a passion for design, entrepreneurship, and a true love for all things beautiful in this world, Cedar and Cypress was born and a dream has become a reality. I left behind a country and people who I love. Creativity that inspires me and friendships that are sealed into the fibers of my heart.