• Delhi Remnant Leather Coin Purse- Grey
  • Delhi Remnant Leather Coin Purse- Grey
  • Blue Pinstripe Block Print Wallet - Redemption Market
  • Delhi Remnant Leather Coin Purse- Grey
  • Delhi Remnant Leather Coin Purse- Grey

Delhi Remnant Leather Coin Purse- Grey


Part of our travel collection, this new style coin purse is a functional little piece to add to your bag and purse collection. This purse is perfect for all those coins you usually leave jingling around in your bag, it’s got a flap with a button clasp to close it off. It will also fit your cards and other miscellaneous things we know you need space for. We’re just here to help.

The journey of our Travel Collection really began in the remnant markets in Delhi. We came across this beautiful nubuck leather and decided its journey wasn’t complete. There are so many discarded skins in the markets and we can’t give every one of them a home. That day was this one's lucky day. "We took it back and immediately started sketching."

This leather made us think of roads well traveled, of dusty paths and of places we had yet to explore. Its rustic material lent itself to telling that story and out of that, our travel collection was born. 

If this collection does anything for anyone, it would be to inspire people to go. Take a risk. We would urge anyone to cultivate curiosity, and a sense of wonder so that “one day” becomes “today”.

Remnant Buffalo, Nubuck Remnant Leather 

Dimensions: 4"L x 3.1"H

JOYN is a socially-conscious fashion brand producing women’s handbags that are 100-percent handmade. Each bag is unique.  No factories, no automation, because the more hands that it takes to make the products, the more jobs that are created. They have invented a system of “purposeful inefficiency” that drives every decision of the company.

Raw cotton is processed by hand, spun by hand, then woven by hand.  Wooden blocks are carved by hand and then the design is pressed on to the fabric.  This is all done by hand, reviving an ancient traditional art form that is native to India.