• Forest Friend- Reindeer
  • Forest Friend- Reindeer
Art Story

Forest Friend- Reindeer


This handsome young buck is in search of his new lifelong friend.  He is a trophy of joy-filled fun for children of all ages.  Give him a new home (away from the roads, of course) and allow him to be loved by your little ones. Each woodland creature creates over 2 hours of dignified work for two women in Moldova. Each one is hand stuffed by a
grateful babushka (older grandma) who is thrilled to "have something useful to do with her hands."

Dimensions: 9" tall x 8" wide

Art Story is a social enterprise located in Chisinau,
Moldova. We are a part of the NGO "Beginning of
Life," and our goal is to create opportunities for
women who have suffered injustices in our nation.

Our hope at Art Story is to provide dignified work and
help lay the foundation for a new future.