• Gold Mini Key Necklace - Redemption Market
  • Gold Mini Key Necklace - Redemption Market
  • Gold Mini Key Necklace - Redemption Market
  • Gold Mini Key Necklace - Redemption Market
The Giving Keys

Gold Mini Key Necklace


The Gold Mini Key Bracelet makes a sweet statement. At The Giving Keys, we encourage you to embrace your word and then Pay It Forward to someone who needs it more than you when the time is right.

The Giving Keys is a pay-it-forward company that hand-stamps products with inspirational words like Believe, Love, Strength, or a personalized word. You're encouraged to embrace your word and then pass it on, "paying it forward" to someone you feel needs the message more than you. Our mission is to create meaningful human connections through words.

16" chain with a 2" extender, lobster clasp closure 

Chain features a matching logo tag and mini key measuring .25” x .5” 

The Giving Keys donates a portion of its profits to longtime nonprofit partner Chrysalis, which provides employment resources and support for those transitioning out of homelessness.

Our story begins with an NYC hotel key. While on tour, actress and singer/songwriter Caitlin Crosby wore her hotel key around her neck so she wouldn't lose it. To reflect the message in her debut album "Flawz," she engraved "Love Your Flawz" on the key as a reminder to embrace our unique imperfections. When she realized how much her fans resonated with the message, she was inspired to start a movement - one that would help people connect with the words they need and then pass them on when they meet someone who needs that message more.

Caitlin realized that, in a way, we are all like old keys: unique and flawed, but with the potential to be renewed and find our purpose again and again. And so, The Giving Keys was born. Each key is engraved with a message like BELIEVE, HOPE, LOVE, or STRENGTH. When the person wearing the key encounters someone else who needs the message, they are encouraged to pass it on and share their “pay it forward” story.