• carved kenyan servers
  • carved kenyan servers
  • carved kenyan servers
  • carved kenyan servers
Swahili African Modern

Olive Wood Kenyan Server Set


Kenyan artisans create this unique set of salad servers from beautifully grained wild olive wood and bleached cow bone. With ample scoops, the set complements smaller salad bowls nicely. Sold as a set of servers.

Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary slightly.

Care instructions: hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry. Rub wood lightly with mineral or olive oil before storing.

Dimensions: 8.25"l x 3"w 

Swahili has been showcasing modern African artistry for more than 27 years, through an evolving collection of beautiful handmade baskets, furniture, sculpture, wooden bowls, jewelry and accessories. They partner with craft producers to design products that preserve traditional craft forms and appeal to modern lifestyles.

Representing artisans from 15 nations across Africa, Swahili is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. They believe that the exchange of handcrafted goods should uplift skilled artisans and inspire conscientious collectors. Many of their products are crafted from natural or recycled materials. Others highlight the vibrance of modern African culture and the immense creativity of artisan entrepreneurs across the continent.

"At Swahili Modern, we believe that it is an honor to bring artisans' handcrafted goods to the U.S. market. Our work would not be possible without the skill of artisans and their beautiful work, often rooted in traditional art forms that have been passed down through generations.

We develop long-term relationships with artisan groups, which creates a reliable source of income for artisans. In many cases, artisans are able to earn a living from home, so they have options aside from leaving home to find work in cities. Crafting handmade products provides a vital employment option for rural African women in particular. Creating products from home, working between their daily home responsibilities, empowers rural women as earners. 

We follow fair trade principles in our work, because we believe that fair, sustainable income creates the means for artisans to support themselves and their communities. We aim to be a reliable partner by placing consistent orders with our artisan network. This way, artisans can focus on their creative, income-producing work, removed from market fluctuations and long days selling their own goods at local markets. Many local markets have been impacted by Covid and the halt of tourism as well."