• horn earrings from Uganda
  • horn earrings from Uganda
  • horn earrings from Uganda
Maadili Collective

Open Oblong Earrings- White + Brown


Beautiful and light weight drop earrings in a dangled open oblong shape. Hand carved from upcycled white, brown and black horn, these Oblong Earrings are an easy addition to dress up or down any ensemble. Two color options available - White with Brown Oblong and Black with White Oblong.

* Hand carved in small scale, Fair Trade artisan cooperative in Uganda

* High variability of horn color ensures that no two pieces are the same

* Jewelry pieces come in variable shades of white to brown to black

* Local and Fair - Brass jewelry findings sourced in US and made by independent metal artists



Maadili Collective fosters partnerships with small-scale artisan communities where opportunities are limited or non-existent in order to promote economic freedom and stability.

We are dedicated to co-create innovative designs intended to enhance skill levels, create a platform for artistic expression, and nurture genuine connections between artisans and customers. We have a commitment to adapt and grow with artisan partners, while celebrating their unique culture and craft.

Maadili Collective wholeheartedly believes that business has momentum to transform lives.

Our membership as a verified Fair Trade Federation company reflects our deep commitment to the principles of Fair Trade. We are part of a community dedicated to the highest standards of Fair Trade and the pursuit of a more just and sustainable world.