• Prism Woven Bowl- Coral + Teal
  • Prism Woven Bowl- Coral + Teal
  • Prism Woven Bowl- Coral + Teal
  • Prism Woven Bowl- Coral + Teal
Azizi Life

Prism Woven Bowl- Coral + Teal


For the design of the Local + Lejos Collection Prism pattern, designer Sheeva combined colors from her native land, Los Angeles, and the native land of our artisan women, Rwanda. Bringing together the teal of the Pacific Ocean and the pink tones of the East African sunrise to give you the perfect reminder of warmer months, wherever you may be.
  • Our hand woven bowls are crafted from natural sisal fibers threaded over a core of locally-gathered forest grasses.
  • Artisans work 1-2 days to weave a small bowl, 3 days to weave a medium bowl, and 5 days to weave a large tray.
  • Dimensions:  small bowl 7″ d; medium bowl 12″ d; large tray 16″ d.
  • Care: Wipe with a dry cloth.

    Across the hills of Rwanda, groups of rural artisans are working to bring hope to their families through skillfully handcrafted goods. Azizi Life partners with over 30 independent groups- a total of over 500 artisan partners. Rising from the horrors of genocide, artisans from all backgrounds have joined together once again through their craft. Each artisan cooperative specializes in hand crafting products using specific techniques and raw materials. Azizi Life is honored to partner with these women and men, collaborating to connect makers, designers, and customers around the world.

    We love serving your vision for beauty and meaning in the gifts you give, what you wear, and how you decorate. Azizi Life serves as a bridge, partnering with artisans and designers to offer high quality, ethically-sourced goods for life and gifting. Products are crafted by hand using local, natural, and renewable materials.

    Azizi Life is a fair trade organization which partners with Rwandan artisans to bring beautifully designed, hand crafted goods to the world. As a not-for-profit organization, Azizi Life is dedicated to the wellbeing of our artisan partners and their families. In addition to opening economic opportunity through fair trade, Azizi Life invests in a range of community impact projects. Our Rwandan-led team facilitates adult literacy classes and offers other practical resources for personal, spiritual, and economic growth.