• Tea Towel - Saltwater Lotus - Redemption Market
  • Tea Towel - Saltwater Lotus - Redemption Market

Tea Towel - Saltwater Lotus


Just imagine how lovely your table will look with this handmade blockprinted Saltwater Lotus Tea Towel! We are honored to partner with Dallas artist, Caitlin Peters, for our first Mended Artist Collaboration. Caitlin, alongside Mended's Creative Director, Lauren Garrity designed each block and each color that would be used to create true art pieces for your table. We hope you love each piece as much as we do.

18” x 18”

100% Cotton

Hand block printed by survivors of modern day slavery 

Handmade in India

Mended works with survivors of modern-day slavery to hand block print home goods products and textiles. Each piece tells a beautiful story of restoration. Our BELIEF is that restoration begins at YOUR table. This restoration comes to life when you purchase a product made by survivors of modern-day slavery and their restoration sustains.

Additionally, we believe that restoration happens for the consumer who works to set a beautiful table, invite their people, pour the good wine and ask real questions. Restoration is a journey and we believe it begins at your table. Currently, Mended works with 23 survivors of modern day slavery in South Asia producing stunning block-printed table runners, dinner napkins, tea towels and more.