• That's Just Grand Vinyl Sticker
  • That's Just Grand Vinyl Sticker
Art By Elaine

That's Just Grand Vinyl Sticker


That's just grand! Celebrate one of the earth's most majestic places- the Grand Canyon- with this unique vinyl sticker.

This circular sticker is 3" in diameter, 100% dishwasher safe, and weatherproof! It has a black background and is printed on high quality matte vinyl. 

Elaine Giles is a multimedia artist based in San Francisco, California. Elaine aims to create sustainable, ethical, high-quality products that remind buyers of their favorite places on earth. As an avid traveler, Elaine's creates art pieces that are inspired by nature, filled with vibrant colors, abstract texture, and classic design. More importantly, her art serves a social mission to advocate against racial injustice in the United States. 10% of every single purchase is donated to the Equal Justice Initiative, a criminal justice reform nonprofit. She also consistently creates art pieces as advocacy that raise awareness and funds for other critical social causes around the globe.