• ethical leather crossbody bags Arizona
  • ethical leather crossbody bags Arizona
  • ethical leather crossbody bags Arizona
  • Lola y Tula handcrafted in Mexico
  • Lola y Tula handcrafted in Mexico
Lola y Tula

The Lolita- Camel



Meet... The Lolita, our favorite leather accessory to date. The Lola y Tula waist belt bag is a stylish, hands-free way to carry your essentials. A convenient shape that belts easily around your waist or can be slung over a shoulder.

Sustainably made by a family of leather artisans in Guanajuato, Mexico. These carry-all bags are a perfect size to hold exactly what you need when on the go.  

* 100% leather, handmade

* dimensions 7' x 5'

* adjustable leather belt with 7 holes

* belt: 45", prong to middle hole

* card carrier interior / unlined

* fits smartphone, wallet, and keys with ease

* made by hand, may have unique flaws


LOLA Y TULA designs and collaborates directly with our artisan partners to create one of kind, ethically made pieces that celebrate the beauty and integrity of Mexico and its people. Lola and Tula were my grandmothers. They were loving, daring and pillars of strength who defied expectations. Coming from two very different places in Mexico. One North, the other South. Lola, with her darker skin, her hair coarse and white, an obvious trait of her indigenous Huichol ancestry, from the state of Nayarit. Tula, with a face like porcelain, a mother to children who freckled in the sun, from the state of Sonora close to the American border. These women worked, were bread-winners, home owners and leaders among their family and community. This site, in a small but meaningful way, serves to remember their spirit and being part of their legacy is an honor. At the core of our principals, we believe in giving back to these communities and continuing our commitment to sustainability and responsibility.