• Zero Waste Cotton Makeup Rounds
  • Zero Waste Cotton Makeup Rounds
  • Zero Waste Cotton Makeup Rounds
  • Zero Waste Cotton Makeup Rounds
  • Zero Waste Cotton Makeup Rounds

Zero Waste Cotton Makeup Rounds


These reusable cotton makeup rounds are a zero waste way to remove makeup-up or apply toner. Each set of 15 pieces is made with remnant fabrics and comes with a convenient carry bag. These makeup rounds are great for applying toner while absorbing less than a disposable round. The cotton rounds can be machine washed for re-use. Part of the Remnants Collection by Swahlee. 

  • 100% handloom cotton
  • 2 3/4 in (7 cm) diameter
  • Machine washable


Swahlee began with a desire to create good, safe jobs for women in northeast India. 

While working in international community development, I observed a pattern: when girls lack education and economic opportunities they are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Later while working with an aftercare home for trafficked girls, I saw this same need for safe and fair employment options to prevent re-exploitation when the girls became young adults. 

Realizing the potential of business as a strong and effective force for social change, Swahlee was birthed in 2018. Swahlee creates safe, ethical jobs for young women who face barriers to employment. The name Swahlee is based on the local word for “girl.” 

The Swahlee team started with stitching women’s dresses – because they are a whole outfit in one piece! Based in India, home to many of the world’s best artisans and textiles, it was instinctive to begin with natural handloom fabric. From cloth founded in nature and steeped in tradition, the team at Swahlee crafts effortless, timeless styles for active, modern, global women. 

- Andrea Stokes, Founder of Swahlee