• Eden Bracelet Set - Redemption Market
  • Eden Bracelet Set - Redemption Market
  • Eden Bracelet Set - Redemption Market
  • Eden Bracelet Set - Redemption Market
  • Eden Bracelet Set - Redemption Market
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Eden Bracelet Set


The Leaf of Creativity Bracelet Stack is inspired by the creative nature of dance, art, and music therapies. The first bracelet in the stack has hand-strung turquoise, blue, and gold-coated glass beads with 18K gold plated stainless steel beads engraved with leaves. It is adjustable elastic. The second bracelet is an 18K gold-plated stainless steel oval chain that is 6.5" in length with a 1" extension chain.

To continue the fight for justice takes commitment, determination, and sustainable practices. At Eden, we have been committed to the task of fighting human trafficking, no matter the cost, for 20 years.

Throughout this journey, over time, it has become apparent that there are six foundational pillars, or core principles, that have been vital in the work of Eden.

These pillars stand as guideposts, representing the comprehensive components that Eden offers through our programs, partnerships, and training. Eden’s unwavering commitment to press on and persevere, standing firm in what we know is essential for freedom has led to the transformation of countless lives and futures.

Each of the Leaves of Commitment pieces symbolize one of Eden’s core principles. 

The mission of Eden Jewelry is to extend God’s love to people who have been trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. At Eden, we care for the whole person: their physical, emotional, spiritual, economic, and social well-being.

Eden’s programs are based in South-East Asia which is host to more than half of the global total of human trafficking victims.

In 2014 Eden began its programs in Myanmar, a nation that has been a hotbed for human trafficking for years. Political instability, natural disasters, and internal ethnic infighting have led to a devastating lack of opportunity for the people of Myanmar.

Poverty and political unrest are at the heart of Myanmar's human trafficking crisis, which has only grown more severe over recent years. The economic collapse, brought on by the pandemic and political crisis, has exacerbated the level of human trafficking and the need for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other not-for-profit organizations like Eden to fill this void and provide essential support to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.