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Jubilee Trading Co

Luna Moon Phase Wall Hanging


Embrace the phase you’re in. Accept that our energy will wax and wane like the moon, some seasons will be bright and others in shadow. We have much to appreciate in each phase. Around the world, we all share one moon. Its presence brightens our dark nights and creates the rhythms of our tides.

Measures approximately 4 inches wide, 20 inches in total length.

Each item is handmade and measurements may vary slightly. As leather is a natural material, color tone and texture may vary slightly from item to item. 

Jubilee Trading Co. curates handmade home goods and leather accessories, ethically made in Morocco by skilled artisans.

Working directly with our artisans, we design custom items you won't find anywhere else. Mixing current trends with local flair, our items make an inspiring addition to your day-to-day. Jubilee Trading Co. partners with leather craftsmen and women in Morocco to make our leather goods. The local leather-crafting tradition goes back hundreds of years, but skilled workers in rural areas do not have enough business opportunity to fully support their families. Our partnership allows these artisans to continue doing what they love and supply their needs.

In addition to making good jobs with fair wages, we in turn give back 10% of our profits to community development and service efforts in our partners' community. These funds are donated to a trusted non-profit partner who uses our support for projects like building water wells in rural villages, mending roofs on rustic houses or aiding with unexpected medical bills. We are honored to be a part of the work happening in these communities!