• Mini Barro Bowl- Avocado
  • Mini Barro Bowl- Avocado
  • Mini Barro Bowl- Avocado
Everhope Collective

Mini Barro Bowl- Avocado


These sweet bowls are always a customer favorite. Throw your rings and jewelry in one or make it a new home for a succulent plant. Handcrafted in Honduras. Created from pine needles, thread and clay.
Approximately 4.5" diameter; 2.5" height.

All our products are thoughtfully made by women in Honduras overcoming poverty. After listening to the challenges women in rural Honduras faced to overcome poverty, Emilee Connell-Umanzor saw the need for jobs. The women she met were talented but had few job or market opportunities. In 2012, Emilee met with artisans, Dilcia and Maribel, and shared a crazy idea to create bracelets from pine needles and thread. They had the skill and they said YES!

That year, they worked together to create 2 bracelet designs. In December of that same year, they launched SoloHope with just 80 bracelets. Since that time, the SoloHope team has expanded as well as our product line. It is an honor to bring products to you that will start meaningful conversations as well as be timeless and functional products you will love for years to come.