• Swahili Coast beaded bracelets
  • Swahili Coast beaded bracelets
  • Swahili Coast beaded bracelets
Swahili Coast

Gold + Pearl Beaded Leather Cuff


Swahili Coast Beaded Leather Cuffs are the perfect fair trade accessory. They are entirely handmade by the fairly-paid, empowered artisans of the Swahili Coast Co-operative.

  • Completely handmade, hand-beaded, and hand-pieced
  • Backed in suede for comfort and durability
  • Natural, free-range Tanzanian leather
  • Small measures 1/2 inch / Medium measures 1 inch / Large measures 1 1/2 inches

The Swahili Coast Cooperative believes in cooperative ownership to create a lasting impact on development from the ground up. 

Swahili Coast's guiding principles:

We believe that as talented artisans, we deserve to own the fruits of our labor. Our cooperative is 100 % worker owned by active members. Workers that participate in the co-op own the share of profits that they contribute to over the course of each month.

Eighty percent of our co-op members are women. We prioritize working with women artisans because we believe that women are agents for change and progress here in Tanzania. We care for our families, we send our children to school, and we work hard for our communities, culture, and country.

Our co-op pays fair wages, and pays out our monthly profits back to our workers at the end of each month. We are our own boss and we do not work for anyone but ourselves.