• Fair Trade Shopping in Phoenix, Arizona

    Are you looking for local, fair trade or sustainable shopping in Phoenix? Come out and visit us in May! Arizona friends can find Redemption Market at the Phoenix Public Market during the month of July 2019. Learn more about the Phoenix Public Market. Watch for updates about our favorite nomadi... View Post
  • Best Phoenix Coffee Experiences

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  • Phoenix Local Love | S.H.E. Day Wellness Event

    SHE Day Phoenix is a day of wellness you’ve been waiting for. It is so easy to avoid lifestyle changes when we think we need to be perfect or they feel too far-reaching and hard!  But at SHE Day, you'll learn achievable, small changes that make big differences - for you, for others, and for the p... View Post
  • Phoenix Local Love | Thrive Coworking Space for Women

    What happens when a mother-daughter team of strong entrepreneurial women get together and have a vision for high-achieving women in the Phoenix area? An amazing enterprise is born! View Post