Redemption Market

  • Fair Trade Shopping in Phoenix, Arizona

    Are you looking for local, fair trade or sustainable shopping in Phoenix? Come out and visit us in May! Arizona friends can find Redemption Market at the Phoenix Public Market during the month of May 2019. Learn more about the Phoenix Public Market. Although we are sad that this season of the Moj... View Post
  • Who made my clothes? Join the Fashion Revolution!

    Hopefully by now you have seen photos on social media of factory workers holding up signs that say "I made your clothes." These photos are part of a larger call to draw attention to the human hands that create the garments we wear every day. It is a move away from fast fashion, to a fashion indus... View Post
  • Ethical + Fair Trade Shopping Guide 2019

    We've compiled a comprehensive list of ethical online shops featuring fair trade and sustainable goods. If you would like to recommend an online store, please let us know in the comments below! F A S H I O N Alternative Apolis Brass Citizen & Darling Encircled Everlane Krochet Kids Mata T... View Post
  • Ethical Beauty Guide 2019

      Finally, a comprehensive guide of ethical, sustainable, and non-toxic beauty products all in one place! Our goal is to include those companies who are creating the highest quality products that ensure ethical treatment of humans, animals, and the environment. Do you have a favorite who you woul... View Post